First formed in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Boy Scouts v. Dale decision in 2000, we are a national network of current and former members and leaders of the Boy Scouts of America, scouting parents, and American citizens working to ensure the nation’s seminal scouting organization fulfills its original promise that “every American boy shall have the opportunity of becoming a good scout.”

We encourage the creation of safe spaces for all youth in scouting through our signature Inclusive Scouting Award program, educate the public on issues faced by youth in scouting, and offer resources to those seeking safer climates for all youth members and leaders in scouting, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation.  Our methods include documentation of discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America and the harm caused by the BSA’s exclusionary membership policies, as well as research, case studies and other data showing scouting’s full potential as the premier organization designed to shape America’s youth into the the good citizens needed for our nation’s future patriots and leaders.

Learn more:

  • Frequently Asked Questions – A set of in-depth FAQs on a variety of issues related to our organization, the Boy Scouts of America and the controversy over the Scouts’ discriminatory membership policies.
  • Statements from the Boy Scouts of America – A collection of statements about discrimination and exclusion made by BSA officials
  • Case Studies – Nearly 30 documented examples of anti-gay and religious discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America