News on BSA’s Proposed Policy Change

The Business Of Scouting And A Crisis Of Our Own Making – A contributor at Forbes talks about his experience with scouting and how the BSA’s administration has hurt the movement:

It may be a difficult nuance to understand the difference between the movement of Scouting, which grows in more than 140 countries and still shines brightly with millions of kids in local neighborhoods throughout this country, and the organization of the Boy Scouts of America, especially the national corporation that established this policy.

The movement of Scouting continues to be one of the great opportunities for light and goodness in the world. But in my opinion, and one shared by millions of parents with kids who could benefit from Scouting, the corporation that administers Scouting in America lost its moral compass a long time ago.

Man kicked out of Boy Scouts for being gay reacts to ban possibly ending – Local news in North Carolina interviews ISN’s Matt Comer.

Scouts considering retreat from no-gays policy – Includes another interview with Matt Comer.

Boy Scouts reconsiders policy against gay membership (CNN)

Boy Scouts Re-Considers Gay Policy: Religious Groups To Decide For Themselves (Huffington Post)

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