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Local Eagle Scout gives his award to teen denied the honor – (video) Florida Eagle Scout sends his award to Ryan Andresen, the young man in California recently kicked out by the Boy Scouts of America for being gay after completing all the requirements for Eagle.

Former Boy Scout sends Eagle medal to teen who was denied his own because he’s gay - More on the story above.

Boy Scouts of America Continue to Support a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy of Their Own – Op-ed by Pete Mason on BSA’s policies and Ryan Andresen’s case:

Had Ryan Andresen not said anything about his orientation, had he not come out and just finished his Eagle requirements in the closet, he would have received his Eagle badge, but he would have not have been true to himself. Where in the Scout Oath and Law is this idea that keeping quiet about who you are and whom you love is the best way to go about being a member of an otherwise respectable organization? How can BSA look at him and say, “Well, you did all the work, but you’re gay, and that cancels out the work, so no Eagle badge for you.”

Gay Scouts come out, rally around teen’s Eagle Scout bid

US: Scout denied Eagle badge invited onto the Ellen Degeneres Show

An Alternative, Inclusive Scouting Organization - David Atchley describes the Baden Powell Service Organization, an attempt to create an inclusive scouting organization within the United States while skirting the boundaries of BSA’s Congressional Charter and the monopoly it gives BSA on “scouting” organizations.

United Way of York County, regional Boy Scout leaders to meet - Guess what they’re going to be talking about.


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